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Endings as New Beginnings…

“…it’s been a while since the last blog, huh?! But, I’m back…seriously this time.”

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Hey, Divine Ones!

So, it’s been a while since the last blog, huh?! But, I’m back…seriously this time.

Where do I begin? So much has changed! Not only with Divinely Crafted but with me, Kacy. The founder. If you’re new to my website, products, or blog…WELCOME. My name is Kacy-Ann Gable (but you can call me, Kacy) and I am the owner, founder, and what I call “Creatrix” of Divinely Crafted.

When I first launched my website (and blog) in 2019, my personal life and vision for Divinely Crafted looked different. I worked a full-time job in healthcare that, to be 100% honest, I hated (even before the pandemic); while balancing a long-term relationship (hey babe!), life, and being a first-time small business owner. I had a vision but to be transparent, I didn’t truly see Divinely Crafted as more than an enjoyable hobby that was making me a few extra dollars here and there.

Yes, I LOVED learning, formulating, and creating, but who was I? Who was I to take a hobby that I enjoyed and turn it into something more?

“…It took me weeks to process how my nervous system was affected by being in survival mode”

And then, the 2020 pandemic happened. Like most “essential workers,” the pandemic drained me. It changed me. Deeply. I didn’t realize how traumatized I was until this year. It took me weeks to process how my nervous system was affected by being in survival mode for almost 3 years straight. And the healing process is ongoing. Thankfully, The Divine stepped in and guided me…

Divinely Crafted continued to be a source of joy regardless of everything that was going on outside of my window. So much so that in spite of the mental and emotional toll, 2020 and 2021 resulted in growth and positive changes in my business. I began to focus what energy I DID have on establishing more structures, learning about marketing and social media, improving processes, testing new formulas, and so on.

According to U.S. News, “the number of Black small-business owners was 28% higher in the third quarter of 2021 than it was pre-pandemic.” Basically…the energy of growth was in the air and I was along for the ride! Thanks to a strong community, a clearer vision, and good juju, I watched as Divinely Crafted changed from a passionate hobby to a legitimate business with actual returning customers!?

I suppose it was the infamous imposter syndrome rearing its ugly head. It’s funny to think that even after creating something,learning, and perfecting your craft, that we can still feel like we are undeserving of success or recognition.

But, I pushed back at that feeling and decided that I was going to bet on myself. In the summer of 2021, I started to imagine what my life could look like if I truly put my all into my passion. I gave myself permission to take the energy that was being siphoned by a job that did little for me and put it into what was important…Divinely Crafted.

“…peace, confidence, and a deep knowing that I was exactly where I needed to be.”

So…I quit my day job. June 17, 2022. 11 years, a few promotions, benefits… all that…I quit. Stress and anxiety came with this decision. But, more importantly, so did peace, confidence, and a deep knowing that I was exactly where I needed to be.

I would encourage my readers and customers (whom I lovingly refer to as ‘Divine Ones’) that WHATEVER your ‘thing’ is, whether it is a source of income or simply joy (*fingers crossed* for both, haha), believe your results. Believe in your talent or skill. Create a support system of those who will uplift you and keep it real when you need to hear it.

You deserve all the good things in this life. We are all deserving of good things. It took me a long time to realize this. But shout out to the growth and maturity that your thirties can bring!

I hope parts of this entry resonates with you. Thank y’all for being patient with me over the last 3 and a half years as I was finding my footing as a business owner and creator. I’ve wanted to share my journey of navigating entrepreneurship via a blog for a long time. Now that I enter this new phase of life, I look forward to growing, expanding, and creating community with all of you!!

I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s check in again next month.

I wanna hear from you too! How did you take care of yourself during the pandemic? Was it a catalyst for any big change? Leave a note below…let’s chat!

With love & gratitude,


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