The Body Creme

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Who says that a lotion can’t deliver deep, long-lasting moisture? We’ve got news for you!

The Body Creme is a thick lotion that is coconut oil-free and lightweight. This decadent lotion has been formulated with conditioning cocoa butter and rich jojoba oils creating a product that hydrates, smooths, and protects the skin. It’s perfect for all skin types and is the perfect addition (or alternative in the hot summer months) to using our Hair & Body butter.

High in fatty acids & antioxidants, it may help to repair skin damage from free radicals over time. Use The Body Creme as part of your daily beauty ritual or throughout the day as needed. Either way, your skin will thank you!

We promise this isn’t your mother’s cocoa butter lotion.

Divinely Crafted products are ALWAYS: Toxin Free, Paraben-Free, GMO-free, & Sulfate-Free

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